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Five years of war against the Changellings Army and their mad quest of revenge.

Three years down in Zebrica in a revenge war against the Chirropetera Commonwealth.

Two years of fixing the absolute mess he made down here.

It's kinda funny how all of this started because of a foal dream of "putting my hooves mark in the history books"

Granted, it took me...over 1.000 years, a continent size war, a revenge war into the Chirropetera Commonwealth and bagging my head, literaly, into the wonderfull world of politics.

Yes, i am that old.

Ah...i see the look in your face and your glint in your eyes but, i suspect you already know who am i, uhm ?

Let's just say that a certain alicorn a thousand year ago decided that she was tired to be feel alone and ignored by his own sister

Yep...that Alicorn.

Nightmare Moon.

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