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Something something new story, update, stuff like that. · 8:10pm Mar 28th, 2015

Hello to whoever reads this, I have some news.
First of all: the hiatus I am in in the field of writing the Champions of Mareth story, is because I have lost the monitor of my PC a long time ago and had no option to get a new one. Currently - since months - I'm on my girlfriend's laptop. I wish I wrote this update earlier, but heck, I'm a lazy moron!

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Birthday again?.. · 11:40pm Feb 16th, 2015

Well. As it seems I became one year closer to death, hooray!
Uh... I hate birthdays. Or any days when people celebrate something. Generally.
I even 'hate' Christmas. Just a waste of time and money.
If I wanted my relatives to have presents, I would have buy them one anytime in the year!...

No, this is just... meh.


I'm 22 now.


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Update and stuff · 8:47am Sep 24th, 2014


I have finished about the half of the new chapter for the CoM:SSS, though, I admit, it is a little bit wonky.
But do not fret, I will finish it up in the next two days and continue the story regularly afterwards, if all goes well.

The past few weeks were hectic, school and all the others taking their toll, and in addition I got a cold or something... probably a virus, I was in the local semi-hospital for a mental checkup. Stupid sick people.
Well, have a great day, everyone!

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Fantastic news -_- · 12:48pm Sep 6th, 2014

A pal of mine told me about a system optimizer program. Eager to make my pc faster, I downloaded it and ran it - only to realize that it deletes all the saved browser things. THat includes passwords, cookies, browsing history, everything.

So my save in the CoC game I played for the story I wrote a while ago, it is gone.
However, I can deal with that, in fact, I can make something good out of it as well.

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Reason for my sudden lack of activity · 8:43pm May 11th, 2014

I'm in a clinic right now, I have little to no options to get online. I can't even check my mails, not even write anything.
I'm sorry for anyone who waits for an update: till Friday I can't do anything.


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... · 7:52pm Mar 19th, 2013

Since no one is interested in my new story,, I will just stop now and delete the whole thing.
It was just my energy flushed down the sink.

If there was actually anyone who enjoyed it, then sorry.


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New story, kinda · 9:49pm Mar 16th, 2013

Hey everyone!

Since a few days ago, I'm writing a new story, I think it's pretty good, but thanks to my horrible memory, I forgot to announce it.

So here is the blog, and there is the link, READ IT!


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Birthday 'n' stuff · 9:47pm Feb 15th, 2013

Since it's my birthday nao (Feb 16th) people used to tell me a few kind words, maybe even get me a present, which used to surprise me all the times.
But the thing Blue Breeze committed is the top shelf of all: he gifted me this!

Thank you Blue! :D

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Something you rarely see... · 10:09pm Jan 25th, 2013

Yes, it's me updating, writing a new blogpost in this case.

Life was easy on me lately, I have everything in the way, in two years I will live in England, with a good paying job.
Yeah, I know, who the hell cares, but whatever, I thought telling this would be a perfect waste of time, so I told you, dear reader.

On the other hand, my activity on the site dropped to near zero, which is unfortunate... but what can I do?...

Maybe... maybe I will become active once again. Maybe.

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Status update #6 · 1:10am Sep 27th, 2012

Well people, I'm out from the deepest part of the wave and I'm rising, though this, as everything else, is just temporary.
What happened today was: I'm getting a mental and emotional breakdown, then quitting the university and going home, then planning out my future for the next half year.
At the moment I'm the good ol' myself again, noone have to worry about me.
If you read my previous blog, you must know that every BPD have these emotional waves, so as I.

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