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Hmm · 2:33am Oct 5th, 2019

Parry probably would work better as a griffon instead of a pony, if I ever get around to possibly editing this story...

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Update · 1:34am Dec 18th, 2017

Surprise! I'm not dead. I've been ghosting on here for awhile, not really doing anything. I figured now was a good time to update everyone on what I've been up to and what's gunna happen with all my shit.

I am 18 now, and graduated high school last year, and will be finished with my first semester of college on Wednesday.

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Finally an adult · 12:44pm Feb 23rd, 2017

I'm 18 and I don't feel different.

Go me, on this day, the day of my birth, February 23rd. An adult most adults wont take seriously until I'm at least twenty three.


Sup · 3:13pm Dec 10th, 2016

I haven't done shit here for like two years, possibly less but whatever.

Hows it going? I've been more of a casual brony who just watches what comes along instead of follow everything to see what happens.

Ive been watching some other stuff too on youtube and writing some fanfictions on my AO3 account.

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Still here · 1:15am Aug 12th, 2016

I haven't left yet, I'm just really busy in my life currently.

Really ive only been busy this past week, but whatever.

I'm in driving school before I actually go and get my permit.

These videos of people getting in car accidents aren't filling me with confidence about my ability to drive on the road without flipping my shit over everything around me.

Everything I write is shit.

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Jobs · 11:32pm May 14th, 2016

I'm trying to write a story about a person getting an embassy job, but besides Ambassador, I have no idea who works inside of an embassy to make it work smoothly. It would really help me if any of you guys know, because the google search results aren't that helpful.

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Editing · 4:20pm Apr 4th, 2016

I have the first two chapters edited to make it read better, and I still have to finish editing the rest of the chapters. I'm still working on it, Equestrian Flame is still being worked on, I'm just a little busy with other stuff right now. It will get done.

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Vote · 10:19pm Mar 26th, 2016

I'm still alive, I saw the new episodes, and I also don't really care right now. I'm on the verge of a food coma nap and I'm so bloody tired. I'm making a karkat RP blog on tumblr, oh my god tumblr, its a terrible place, whatever. I cant decide which name to use for it though.

The names I'm deciding between are acerbic-vociferations, or cancerous-tirade. Help me choose which sounds better.

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Snow Day · 5:53pm Feb 5th, 2016

Its finally snowed this year, and I got to not have school.

I'm also trying to make a horribly dark AU, at least dark by my standards, for Undertale. I'm having issues involving how the characters look and how to draw a character lineup, but ill work through that until I get it correct. Ill do something about showing it to you guys at some point whenever I am done with it.


im safe · 3:46pm Jan 8th, 2016

Im finally in Florida after two plane rides and a nice nap on the second one. Still at the air port but its warm and sunny, and we will actually be living on a navy base hotel on the beach for 3 days before we actually start the cruise.

Still got internet in that case, but only for my phone and not a computer like im used to. Thats fine though.

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