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Good day to you! I am a teenage writer who spends WAY too much time on the PC. I am a lone, nocturnal, British brony. I write and I love it!


Sequel Released! · 9:13pm Jan 15th, 2013


What I am Working on. · 7:59pm Jan 11th, 2013

There is definately a sequel to Amnesia: Forget Your Past, and I am also working on drafts for a Silent Hill crossover (and by crossover I mean an OC story). Hopefully, the first chapter will be able to be released by the end of next week. I will work a lot harder on making every chapter top quality. (Also, following Silent Hill tradition, the Silent Hill crossover will likely have many endings.)

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So... what now? · 4:31pm Jan 10th, 2013

What do you guys reckon I should do next? I have a few crossovers in mind, but they arent the final idea. I feel I have improved since Amnesia: Forget Your Past and I promise to put good effort into whatever I do next, including humans or not. If you have any suggestions, be original. The crossover ideas I have are:

Max Payne's Eventful Life of Ponyguarding

Silent Hill: Tormented Memories

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