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"Animal Husbandry" gets MSTed · 7:10pm Aug 8th, 2013

Yes! The brave MrSing has been so kind as to do a MSTing of "Animal Husbandry". Follow the link in his blog post to read the gory details as he and Queen Chrysalis look upon the Sparkle-farm and despair!

It's good fun, and funny, too!

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The Case For Twilicorn · 1:35pm Feb 12th, 2013

Twilight Sparkle has always been special.

If it weren't for her heroic desire to do something about the return of Nightmare Moon, the mane six would have never come together. In general, she has always had a disporportionate role in moving the stories forwards.

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Writing Is Hard · 8:55am Dec 21st, 2012

Updates to my two most recent stories are, in fact, coming soon, Hope you like them!

While I'm procrastinating, I thought about the reasons I try to write, and what I hope to accomplish. I was briefly considering pillorying some common advice people give new writers. There are plenty of counter-examples to most of the rules, and it would be funny to illustrate how divorced from reality many of them are.

Because people being snarky on the Internet never gets old.

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