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the parasprite

Let me be your albatross, then.

Little match girl


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If it's not too much trouble Para, can we talk about things we don't like? I'd like to bond more, and nothing induces bonding more than talking about things that give you syphilis!

Did you get my last PM?

Well, apparently you really enjoyed the story I'm pulling off with Actually, I'm Dead and I, Monster. Thank you very much for reading both. Since I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, I would like to know yours too.

Have a Bowie's thumbs up.


How in the world did you post on my feed when it doesn't exist?

That's so awesome I have to bring my feed back to celebrate it. You're awesome.

I'm gonna follow you for your magical powers.

Thanks for the fave!

Hi. I'm one of the (mostly) insignificant souls that's reading Solitary Locust, and I noticed that the last time you added to it was at the end of last April. I'd like to politely ask you to update it sometime soon, because I think a story as good as it deserves an update. I'm sure you have a good reason why it hasn't updated yet, and I'm terrible at updating my own stories rapidly, so, yeah. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

She sure did. She used to be neat....long ago...in the Before Times.


You have become drama

I am so happy for you



Did you become drama yet

I love you so much para


Tis the season for paranormal activity


You're awesomsauce.

That is all.

Did you quit writing or just taking a break?

Creepers gonna creep. Craters gonna crate.



Hey, parasprite, thanks for joining my group!

(That's a mighty fine number of followers there!)

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