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the parasprite

Let me be your albatross, then.

Choice quotes

I wouldn't dare speak if I were you, human slug.

—Screaming Reactionary

you wear your own shit on your face


You there, degenerate

—The Orthodox Priesthood

Look, why can't you go and be stupid somewhere else?


I don't see how any of this justifies continuing to allow the lizard people to dominate the government.

—Tyrannosaurus Tux

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Little match girl


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You should follow him.

Gotta enjoy that 666


I didn't realize I wasn't watching you neither.

But now this is fixed. :V

I didn't even realize you weren't watching me. Well, thank you! Now you can keep track of my devious actions . . . or maybe the lack thereof. :rainbowlaugh:


Evictus is glorious.

Do you still like Evictus' work?

Thank you for favouriting "Put it in the Toaster"


Aww, it's all good. :heart:

You're just too adorable to dislike.

Did I really say that? I don’t remember ever saying that, but nonetheless, I sure HOPE I didn't, because that sounds pretty cringy to me. :rainbowlaugh: Especially considering the fact that none of my stories have ever gained a respectful amount of traction (not to even mention the astounding standards yours have been setting). I stopped letting popularity get to me a few years ago.

Well, assuming something bad did happen, are there no hard feelings? I tend to agonize over negative interactions, especially when I feel like it gives someone a reason to dislike me. It’s already been four and a half years, but I’m already starting to worry that we may have been enemies at one point, and I just want to change that. :pinkiesad2:

Everything cool? I still get a real kick out of your stories! :raritywink:


I might be remembering wrong, since the entire conversation seems to have been scrubbed from your page in terms of both posters, but I think you bet that you could get featured five times before I could.

So, what happens if when I win twice? After all, I've been featured 9 times now. :pinkiecrazy:


HI NORMAL :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild:

bips your nose

There's something so familiar about you, like we've spoken personally about something before. It must've been ages ago, though, since I can't remember 'nuffin. :derpytongue2: I like your recent works, too, by the way. Very deep style.

Thanks for the fav!

Thank you for favouriting "This is the Last Train Car", and for the watching.

Well, not literally syphilis. It's just that "things that give you cancer" is kind of overused. And AIDS and Ebola are next. Only I would say, "that gave me syphilis!"

I was just making sure.


Sure but I'd rather not talk about syphilis tbh it's kinda gross

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