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the parasprite

Let me be your albatross, then.

Choice quotes

I wouldn't dare speak if I were you, human slug.

—Screaming Reactionary

you wear your own shit on your face


You there, degenerate

—The Orthodox Priesthood

Look, why can't you go and be stupid somewhere else?


I don't see how any of this justifies continuing to allow the lizard people to dominate the government.

—Tyrannosaurus Tux

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Little match girl


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Did you ever get my last PM?

Ohoy. <3

*appears out of nowhere and questions you* :^)

Its all good, just confusing.

Unrelated note, you ever gonna continue spunk science?


Yes, and the reason is autism. I sincerely apologize on their part. They offered to advertise my editing services to their friends, and I said okay, and I guess I wasn't specific about keeping it to people who could actually use them. :twilightblush:

Is there a reason I have someone PMing me, (a poor person) if I want to pay you to edit my (cancelled and/or abandoned) stories?

You should follow him.

Gotta enjoy that 666


I didn't realize I wasn't watching you neither.

But now this is fixed. :V

I didn't even realize you weren't watching me. Well, thank you! Now you can keep track of my devious actions . . . or maybe the lack thereof. :rainbowlaugh:


Evictus is glorious.

Do you still like Evictus' work?

Thank you for favouriting "Put it in the Toaster"


Aww, it's all good. :heart:

You're just too adorable to dislike.

Did I really say that? I don’t remember ever saying that, but nonetheless, I sure HOPE I didn't, because that sounds pretty cringy to me. :rainbowlaugh: Especially considering the fact that none of my stories have ever gained a respectful amount of traction (not to even mention the astounding standards yours have been setting). I stopped letting popularity get to me a few years ago.

Well, assuming something bad did happen, are there no hard feelings? I tend to agonize over negative interactions, especially when I feel like it gives someone a reason to dislike me. It’s already been four and a half years, but I’m already starting to worry that we may have been enemies at one point, and I just want to change that. :pinkiesad2:

Everything cool? I still get a real kick out of your stories! :raritywink:


I might be remembering wrong, since the entire conversation seems to have been scrubbed from your page in terms of both posters, but I think you bet that you could get featured five times before I could.

So, what happens if when I win twice? After all, I've been featured 9 times now. :pinkiecrazy:


HI NORMAL :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild: :rainbowwild:

  • Viewing 1,197 - 1,216 of 1,216
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