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Sup fellow MLP lovers. Not much to say about myself. I'm just a brony that loves to write and would love to put up my work for others to enjoy.


New Story Poll · 8:43pm Apr 10th, 2017

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to say thank you all for your favorites and support. Ever since I started posting stories on this site, I had hoped to give you guys stories you would enjoy and that hasn't changed one bit, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my stories would gain me 400 Followers:pinkiegasp:! I'm touched, really:pinkiesad2::heart::heart::heart:. So, for all your support and to give you guys something to tide you over for a time, I have some stories I've been working on

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Monster Girl requests · 8:29pm Jun 29th, 2014

Hi, everyone, this is my first blog . . . ever, so I'm not expecting much. Anyway, not that I've run out of ideas, but since this is a new project and everything and there are some fans of Monster girls here, I was thinking of taking requests on Monster girls from some of you. I'm open to just about anything mainly as long as it's a Monster girl from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Just give me a Monster girl and

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