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Yo to eny fellow wirters I give story ideas to fellow wirtiers who have wirtiers block or so what what is everyone favorite time in history


I'm not Scottish I'm from London · 11:57pm Sep 30th, 2022

I'm not Scottish I'm from London but I do have family Numbers who do live in Scotland.
Or so I have not plagiarize other stories in years I only did it one's back in 2019 .

Please don't tell on me to the bosses of this website

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To my fellow wirtiers · 10:11pm Sep 30th, 2022

The reason I follow everyone with story or without.
1 I lisan to your story Wall I'm at work or at the gym.
2 I like to help wirters with no storys by giving them story ideas.

Ps I am not Scottish I'm from London but I do have family who do live in Scotland

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Good evening my fellow wirtiers · 8:08pm Sep 29th, 2022

Good evening my fellow wirtiers.
I have been on holiday or have you been here.
1 France .
2 Estonia.
3 spain.
4 Norway.
5 Finland.
6 Kenya.
7 Italy.
8 czech republic.
9 Holland.
10 Poland.
11 Lithuania

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Feel free take this story plot for your self · 1:58am Sep 28th, 2022

My fellow wirtiers hears a story plot feel free to take as your own.
The plot is to the twin sister of twilight.
Twilight secret twin sister thglilwt pays her a visit from university where she is a professor of mathematics
But when twilights friends meet Thay are shoked when thay see her because.

She in a wealcher just like Stephen hawking's

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To all waiters with no storys yet · 10:53pm Sep 27th, 2022

To all waiters with no storys yet hear are some ideas ideas.

1 Prussian equestria.
2 twilight secret.
3 twilights twin sister.
4 Ukrainian Equestrians.
5 the house of ackerman.

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