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Delay+Picture · 12:15pm Sep 14th, 2012

So this last week, and the next 8 or so to come, was/will be pretty busy. So unfortunately updates will be slow. To make up for it, have a picture of Dawn:

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Fallen sequel · 12:45pm Aug 31st, 2012

The sequel to Fallen is here!

It's going up for approval shortly.

Though it was written for National Pony Writing Month, I've only published the first chapter so far. August has been the busiest month of the year for me yet, so I didn't get very much writing done, and I didn't write things in chronological order. About half the chapters have work done on them, and the second will be ready to be published with just one more scene.

Anyway, have a link:

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Username change · 10:38pm Aug 30th, 2012

So it occurred to me that not everyone on the internet is a brony, and some don't appreciate the likes of us. I do things other than ponies on the internet, and I decided that I should separate these by changing my username for brony-related sites. Also, this sounded cooler.

-Mhi200, now known as ElementOfKindness

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