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Announcement and Big Changes · 12:34am June 17th

So it's been over a month since the last chapter of The Angel of the Everfree was published and there is good news and bad news involving the story.

To get the bad news out of the way, it's probably going to be a while before the next chapter is up. Sorry about that.

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A Milestone · 6:30pm May 21st

I took some time away from AotE to experiment a little with other characters and situations and today marks the completion of Starlight Through the Storm, which is also the first story to be completed on this page period.

Feels pretty good, not gonna lie.

Anyway, with that now done it's time to get back to work on AotE!

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The Angel of the Everfree Lullaby · 1:39pm April 23rd

Hey everybody, first of all sorry for not having the next chapter up yet, unfortunately I've started working at a recording studio so I don't have as much free time but I WILL keep the story going. IT WILL BE FINISHED. Also for those of you remember the lullaby from the second chapter I am actually working on a full original composition together for it (have to put those years in music school to use somehow) so be on the look out for that and the third chapter, which should be done in the next

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Books and Lullabies Delay · 11:39pm April 13th

Sorry everybody but life kind of happened so the 2nd chapter of The Angel of the Everfree won't be out until tomorrow. I MIGHT be able to get it out later tonight but I make no guarantees as I won't release anything unless it meets my standards.

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New Chapter and Cover art · 9:09pm April 12th

Hey everyone, the next chapter of The Angel of the Everfree, Books and Lullabies, should be out at some point tomorrow!

Also I'm working on a new cover for the story (the one there currently was just a quick photoshop job I did so something would be there) and if anyone has skill with digital art and wants to give me some help transitioning my hand drawn cover into a digital format I would be eternally grateful.

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