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Mama to PrinceOfDarkness and StarChaser2021.


About myself. My side of the story. · 11:54am Aug 31st, 2021

Hi everyone.

I need to vent about my life, what happened to my kids, how they were raised, etc.

Let me begin from the start.

As you know, I was forced to be my son's sister instead of his mother.

It broke my heart. So much.

I at the time was young, yes, but I truly wanted to raise him and my daughter.

What I did I can never undo and regret having to give up my daughter for adoption and be forced to be my son's sister.

But now, we're a family again.

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Introductions. · 5:20pm Aug 30th, 2021

Name: Mamapone. My real name is Madison, though you may call me Mrs Howlett as it is my last name. I am American-Canadian.
Age: 34.
Gender: Female.
Relationship Status: Married.

I am the mother of PrinceOfDarkness and StarChaser2021.

My husband is called John.

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