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My reflections about study

My reflections about study

Cluster approach instead of linear

The existing teaching paradigm assumes linear progress: they take a topic, study it, repeat it, check it out, and move on. It turned out that the cluster learning strategy works better, when in each separate period of time not one specific topic is studied, but a series of different, but similar topics. To maximize the impact of the part of the brain that is responsible for logical construction, then you need to write a lot of essays. With write my essay for me, you can easily do this. A good resource to train your thinking.

Let me explain with an example. In one study, a group of fourth-graders were taught four ways to calculate the lateral surface area of a prism. Half of them studied according to a typical sequential scheme: first, one formula was deduced and consolidated with the help of exercises, after mastering it, they moved on to the second, and so on. The second half of the students were presented with all four formulas at once, and they solved problems on their application in a mix.

The results of the test carried out the next day showed that the students who studied using the mixed method performed significantly better results: 77% of correct decisions compared to 38% of those who were taught sequentially. Similar results were obtained in similar experiments with children of other ages who studied other subjects, and with adults too. You will expand your vocabulary with the help of written works. If it is difficult to do this, then essayassistant.org will help you with this. A very good resource through which you can learn how to write essays correctly.

What's the matter here? The point is that when people receive a number of problems of the same type, and even immediately after they have been introduced to how best to solve them, they know the strategy for the solution before they have started it. Since they don't have to choose which formula to apply, the solution leaves little to no trace in their heads. With a mixed approach, to solve each training example, you have to choose which formula is best suited, so you have to think and make a conscious choice - just like on a real exam.

Experiments on teaching intuitive-aesthetic things have shown similar results. In one of them, people of retirement age, wishing to fill the gaps in art education, learned to identify the individual styles of 12 artists unfamiliar to them. The results improved significantly when they looked at paintings by all artists at once - compared to a scenario where each artist's work was viewed and studied in turn.

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