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A random blog because why not? · 12:06pm Aug 22nd, 2013

Being without a computer for a few months made me realize how much I depend on it for reading. Which, for me to not be reading something is unheard amongst my friends. So of course I miss the story updates (coming in at around 490), but I really miss the author reader interaction that goes on. I'll start replying to blogs again and participating in other such fashions.

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A Wii U Remake of Majora's Mask. · 6:55pm Aug 31st, 2012

I found this and felt like I had to share it:

Now don't hate me; I was amazed when I first saw this. It brought back so many memories from the struggles of gameplay to the hours of enjoyment spent helping those of Clocktown and Termina. It was also able to bring back those memories in a way that crushed what my imagination was able to come up with, and it was only a minute and thirty-eight seconds long!

This video is amazing!

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