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When the smart kid says "Sticks & stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me" so you beat him with a dictionary.


Chapter 4 is out · 6:17am 6 hours ago

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Info dump 2 · 5:41am Last Monday

So I'm going to rewrite my first story (which I deleted) or my Dead Space one, because it followed the same trope of OP protags ending up in Equestria (also because he was beginning to have too many powers). I read the chapters I wrote & felt that my MC was way too casual with his situation as most MCs in fics tend to do in Equestria & slowly turning into a harem one as I not really a fan of those due to how quick they are. I wanted my MC to sound dead to point where doesn't give a shit about

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Info dump · 8:39pm Nov 7th, 2021

Sorry for those who are reading my JoJo fic for being on Haitus for a while, work barely gave me time. Now the next chapter may come next week due the fact I'm tryin to figure out how the interaction between the main six specifically rainbow. I'm trying to avoid the racist cliché a lot of HiE & displaced fics do in the beginning of their stories which are really annoying as well as the before the story of mlp g4 began then turned into stoned by the two tyrants.

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