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Fundraising for Transition · 2:25am Jul 21st, 2021

Yup, fundraising for transition, check it out if you are feeling generous.


I'd do commissions but I haven't been able to work out how the old freaking digital tablet I was given works.

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Need help!!!! · 1:51am Jun 7th, 2017


If you can help, even if it is just passing on the request, I would be eternally grateful!

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What does this OC name make you think of? · 7:15pm Feb 24th, 2017

I recently just came up with a new personal OC (by personal I mean It's my rp ponysona and going to be a big focus of mine) called: Wiz-a-majig Dodda-bobble... or Wizzy for short.

And I'm curious to see what type of pony you think would have a name like that? I already have the character planned out out I'm just withholding it till I can doddle up an image of them.

Anywho, be as creative in your responses as you wish, this is all just for shits and giggles.


"Hoofstomp!" · 6:08pm Oct 1st, 2016

*giggle* just got a sudden idea for a paradoy of "Handclap" by Fitz and The Tantrums.

... now the only trouble... re-writing the lyrics without breaking the rytheme.

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Computer gone sploody · 6:37pm Mar 14th, 2015

Ok, so basicaly my entire story project I had been working on is locked away on my laptops hard drive thanks to HP being complete trash... I waited a few months to post this as I was trying to figure out if I could fix it first, however there is no fix... I can't even figure out what went wrong.

Essentialy it doesn't turn on anymore. Power is flowing through the cord and into the unit but somewhere between there and the CPU the connection has fried... so no power, no access.

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Project "Everfree" (formely Marecross) · 6:06pm Aug 8th, 2013

Ok, been a while since I posted any update on the project plans. Few things have changed and been working on a lot of designs and figuring out when the story will take place.

A list of terms will be provided with the story and will be updated frequently with each new chapter but will always remain the last chapter of the story so far (meaning if you save stories like I do, I apologize in advanced for the constant deleting that will be taking place).

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Project Marecross · 1:53am Apr 23rd, 2013

Officialy starting a project that hopefully will become something unique.

Project Marecross is somewhat as it sounds.

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Bad News · 9:48pm Oct 20th, 2012

My laptop is basicly dead and with it all my references and resources and transcripts for my story projects. This officialy sucks.

Anyways, I won't be writting anything any time soon... at least not online.

I'm scrapping my original planned project and just going to run with whatever comes to mind for now.

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My First Story · 5:21pm Sep 16th, 2012

Ok, I've decided to post the work I'm doing on my first scripted story here... I'm not very good so you'll have to excuse the poor quality it'll be in.

Basicly this is the first time I'm actualy writing a script for a blog/comic as a story first. It's a new concept for me, though not my first story or script. I've written a few fanfictions and original works in the past but never shown them. I've also done plenty of comic scripts... this however is a bit different.

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