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I stopped watching beginning of season 5 and kinda just fade away from the fandom, I intend to catch up but I also want to try my hoof at writing.


Just gonna leave this here. · 9:44pm Nov 2nd, 2021


Good news, and kinda lazy · 1:02am Jul 22nd, 2021

Ok , so the good news is that All the parts for the computer have arrived and are assembled.:twilightsmile:

Bad news I'm kinda lazy. So said I would be working on the next chapter and I have sorta. I don't have a regular 9-5 and I gotta get bread some how so..... there isn't much really there. I've been trying to recompile notes and story I ideas but IDk when the next chapter is gonna happen.

So Thanks again.

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Set backs · 3:48am Jun 27th, 2021

Ok so it seems every time I write something on here there is always an exuse but this is..... aggravating to say the least.

So I got about 3k words into the new chapter I promised and revised some other ideas for future ones and then my computer just up and died on me.

So unfortunately I was writing it on a text file since I was in a place with no internet along with most if not all of my notes for Antithesis.

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Apologies · 9:58pm Jun 14th, 2021

So It is summer for most of us and I know for me that means I have more time but Time doesn't pay the bills. Now I haven't added a new chapter in a while to Antithesis, and for that I am sorry I haven't had much time due to long work days and working almost every day.

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Taking a Break · 12:10am May 11th, 2021

Hey there I know I am a fairly slow author but that's how I am, now I have recently finished my first year at collage and I'm starting a new job. I won't have anything this week I do apologize. I just need a week to relax and get used to not being at school.

Thanks again

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Antithesis chapter delay · 5:24pm Apr 26th, 2021

Hey there, So I've been swamped lately with both school and regular work so I kinda forgot to write but as an apology here is a few lines.

Getting to Easy Bake's class he watched as somepony ran out of the room, green in the face ready to vomit. Walking through the door he saw a group of students huddled in the corner, noses covered.

Confused, he turned to see Easy Bake opening all the windows, "Did I miss something," he asked approaching the group.

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Antithesis Chapter 15 delay · 7:54pm Mar 29th, 2021

Hey there So I was kinda busy this weekend with homework, work and frat stuff. So time kinda got away from me.
I still have to close the chapter and edit it, and go to my last class sooooo, either late today or tomorrow I'll release the next chapter.

Thx for understanding. :fluttercry:

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Antithesis Location · 2:15am Feb 23rd, 2021

Hey there, First blog.

So I figured I would kinda clarify where exactly the town of Creston is in Antithesis. Its located right where the tracks split going to Baltimare, and Fillydelphia.

Taupe's farm is across the north eastern tracks crossing the river.

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