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Anyone still here? · 11:49pm Jan 27th, 2018

Hello. It's me, ya boy.

So recently I found myself coming back to this site to read some of my fanfics and man, the nostalgia is strong.
It was quite a warm feeling reading through Teaching Fluttershy again, all the memories of writing the chapters and talking with Extrapie while he edited it. It was all just good times.

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Guess who's back? · 1:42am Sep 28th, 2013

That's right....
You thought I wouldn't come back? Well the story isn't over yet ;)

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1 year anniversary!! · 4:33am Nov 21st, 2012

Yay! It's already been a year since I started writing fanfics! But in other news, the next and final chapter of Teaching Fluttershy should be out by the weekend and this time I am actually releasing it when I say it. But just like the good news there is bad news. It's most likely that I will quit writing fanfics after finishing Teaching Fluttershy and Love can be Pink since I am now focusing on my Ponies in real life videos I do on youtube. That doesn't mean I'm leaving the site I just simply

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Still Alive · 3:40am Oct 14th, 2012

Hello everyone. Been a while since I updated my blog (or my stories). Anyway just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and that I don't know when Teaching Fluttershy will be updated (don't ask when cause I don't know) but fear not as I am still working on it.

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Teaching Fluttershy Fun Fact · 4:00am Aug 20th, 2012

The story was originally going to be with Fluttershy and Luna instead of Fluttershy and the other girls. I still wish to implement this idea but who knows what might happen.

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I love binaural beats · 3:16am Aug 3rd, 2012

I really do... It's just so relaxing to hear it while you're lying down in bed

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Teaching Fluttershy Update! · 3:29am Jun 28th, 2012

*Once upon a Skype conversation...

ExtraExtrapie: ...and then we kill her!

Loaf: I dont know, sounds risky

Extra: Think about it! if they both die, then Cheerilee and Luna won`t have to EVER go to Earth again!

Loaf: But i WANT them to go, we didn't just write it down for the heck of it.

Extra: We didn`t go through ALL that research for the medical jargon this chapter just to have Peter live.

Loaf: I wasn't pleased about rewriting most of the chapter in the first place.

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-Nova · 4:50am Jun 16th, 2012

...Maybe I should cry for help...
...Maybe I should kill myself...
Maybe... I'm a different breed...

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Thank you guys! · 7:59pm Jun 4th, 2012

So today my teacher asked me about my story (yes TF, i've told her about it) she asked if she could see it since she didn't believe that it had more then 13K views and so i took my laptop and showed it to her, i told her how the website worked and all that, and she remained silent while i told her all that, then she asked me if i could read her some of the comments, and i did, and when i was done she was all impressed (something that no one has really ever managed with that teacher) and after

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Important Info regarding Teaching Fluttershy · 4:40am May 20th, 2012

So in order to keep the story as clean and reader friendly as possible, all the clop scenes that will be in Teaching Fluttershy will be posted separate to the main story so the reader can choose to read or not the clop scene, this is being done in order so everybody can read it but the rating will be teen due to the language.

Chapter 15 revised

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