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I am a big My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fan. I found out about this amazing show from my BBBFF Aaron. He is a big fan. True Brony! My name is Amber, I'm 14!


Introduction · 7:53am Jun 10th, 2012

Hi! I'm Amber. I love My Little Pony. Why you ask? Because it's hilarious! Never a dull moment. I don't know many people who share the same interest with ponies as I do. Besides my BBBFF Aaron. He's seventeen, and probably the biggest brony I have ever met. He actually happens to be the source through which I found this show. Also Mason Smith, I recently met him, glad to have another brony friend.

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Welcome to FF!

Glad you made an account! I'll be following you so I can see some stories you can make in the future.

:derpyderp1: Have a Derpy day everyone!

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