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A teenage Apple Bloom has some news for her friends and family. Their reactions are... not what she had in mind.

A Pride Month 2023 crackfic.

I don't even know if this story is serious enough to be tagged with the tag I've used, but it's rated Teen for discussions about ponies looking at other ponies whom they find attractive. Beware, this is a crackfic and it is not to be taken seriously. Be nice in the comments, please. :)

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The grass always looks greener on the other side. But often we share more similarities with others than we might think at first.

Set during Season 2 of FiM, just before the Hearth's Warming snow begins to fall.

This story was written for Captain Neckbeard for Jinglemas 2021. As a side note to anypony who reads my other stories, this is meant to be a standalone story and isn't linked to anything else I've written.

Happy Hearth's Warming! :pinkiesmile:

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After receiving a strange letter Luna sets out on a quest to the famous city of Aurora, the capital of the Crystal Empire set deep in the heart of the Frozen North, with no idea of who or what awaits her arrival there.

On her journey, she encounters glimpses of what is to come, but eventually she must face her enemy.

A story from the second main story arc of the Tales of Shadows and Stars, and a prequel of sorts to Sombra's Bat. You don't have to read any other stories in the series for this to make sense.

lredwolf - thank you for helping with some proofreading and editing way way back. :)
ARandomLonelyDude - thank you for the inspiration and letting me look at the story with "new eyes."

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This story is a sequel to Sombra's Bat

Princess Celestia is worried. A threat to her and her kingdom has arisen and she has so far been unable to stop it. From her perspective, these ponies are creatures of darkness and she is fearful for both her loyal subjects and herself.

Moonlight is also worried. She has a family now - a close circle of friends, her mother and of course her lover Sombra - but Celestia will not leave them alone no matter how hard they try to keep the peace.

The darkness and light are locked in battle, and many kingdoms are at stake. However, Celestia has made it clear that this is about much more than just politics. No, this is very personal, and she has a score to settle. Moonlight will have to fight harder if she wants to keep those ponies close to her heart safe.

This is the sequel to Sombra's Bat and the second story of Tales of Shadows and Stars, a series based in an alternate version of FiM. The light and dark are constantly at war, and one bat pony - Moonlight Amethyst Shade - is faced with a choice of which side she wants to be on whilst aware of everything that could be at stake.

Bronie312 - I'm eternally grateful for your help as a proofreader, editor and co-writer. There aren't enough thank-yous for you.
Bronycommander - Thank you for letting me include some of your OCs in this - they've made this story that extra bit more interesting to write.
Purple Patch - Your advice has helped me take another look at this story and the world it is in, and your OC was an incredibly fun character to use in this. Thank you for helping!

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This story is a sequel to The Royal Sisters Take a DNA Test (a tribute story)

A story in which an old supposedly debunked theory is revived and chaos ensues. Surely you saw this coming?!

Starlight didn't, but she's actually pretty chilled out about it. As is her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great aunt, or something like that.

Others are... less pleased.

This is based on Twilight Takes a DNA Test by Dewdrops on the Grass. All credit goes to her.

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Flurry Heart is sick and tired of being ignored just because all of the other alicorns are grown-ups. What is she going to do about it? Free the Legion of Doom and take over Equestria, of course! And if that fails, she can always say that she only did it to try and reform those three pesky villains, and she might get a little bit of respect for that too.

Lord Tirek is not pleased to be working with ponies and changelings again, and plans to betray them.
Queen Chrysalis is only joining in because the end goal is in sight, and she can get her hive back soon.
Cozy Glow is planning revenge, but she just can't get over that awesome cute little alicorn. Wait, cute?!
Look out, Equestria.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Takes a DNA Test

Celestia and Luna are very confused, but really they should have expected this too.

This is an unofficial sequel / tribute story to Twilight Takes a DNA Test by Dewdrops on the Grass. Read the original first if you haven't already. It's comedy gold.

Featured 2/3/2021 - 4/3/2021. Thank you everypony for making this happen!

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Starlight Glimmer was sent to Canterlot Castle to try and resolve the growing feud between the Royal Sisters. Celestia and Luna's cutie marks were swapped, and each of them tried to do the other's job for a day.

In Starlight's dream, Nightmare Moon and an alternate version of Celestia calling herself Daybreaker fight for Equestria's throne. Starlight fears she made a mistake in trying to show each sister how difficult the other's jobs are. For a moment, Nightmare Moon falls.

Luna has Celestia's magic. She can do nothing to change the dream. Or maybe she can, by talking to her own Nightmare.

An alternate version of the Season 7 episode A Royal Problem. Rated T for villain squabbles.

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A series of silly little stories in which different characters from the MLP universe play Among Us.

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Many people hide their true opinions of Sugarcoat, but Sugarcoat does not sugarcoat her opinions. Even when confronted by an ex-villain from a land of magical talking ponies. Why was he even messing around in her dreams, anyway? Didn't he have stuff like failing to take over the world to do?!

Or maybe she had a lesson to learn...

This was written for Equimorto as part of Jinglemas 2020, a Secret Santa Hooves organisation where you write a story in exchange for a story, rather than buying a gift for somepony else.
Have a look at the group, because it's an important part of our Fimfiction culture.

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