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Likes commenting. also, not everything HAS to make sense... why? well, what fun is there in making sense?


Status update. · 12:52am October 28th

Everything is fine. Im gonna continue writing, i just wanna take a break until December before posting anything.

Why? Because life things. I work on a farm and one of my does(i raise goats) gave birth recently so i gotta make sure baby is feeding correctly, no health problems, etc. as its the first birth I've ever actually seen, and i didn't even see it! It just kinda appeared, i mean i know how giving birth works, i was just away from the house and-

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thats a lot of things i need to read. · 3:25pm Apr 26th, 2022

I have made this blog post to inform people that probably couldnt care less that i have over 13k unread chapters in my library.

i just keep looking at interesting stories, then clicking the tracking button and leave to search for more stories that interest me without actually reading them.

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