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In an Existence full of Godlike beings who can easily treat it like a Game of Cards; we need Heroes who are willing to Rig the Game at the Cost of their own Wellbeing and Keep our Stories Alive.


Changes. · 5:17pm 6 days ago

Hello again, with a new year comes new beginnings.

Starting this year FoE SC will undergo the changes I mentioned in earlier blogs. You might have to re-read the first chapter due to plot changes, but better that I make said cganges and give you all my best ratger than continue with something lack luster.
Yes, I know it's a bit ridiculous though I've taken so long to continue that I might aswell restart to an extent.

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On learning how to write · 12:40am Oct 21st, 2021

Yes, I know I have barely made progress with my writing, but there is a silver lining between the stress of that and IRL stuff.
For any fellow aspiring writers I just want to say that sometimes it's better to not ho too far too fast. Take time to learn how to write and become more confident in your abilities.

Yes, sometimes rushing is necessary. But I would rather give you all something much better than what I've written so far.

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Edits and the Future of my FoE fic · 6:23am Aug 10th, 2021

I know I haven't added new chapters to my fic since it first came out and while I can agree that it isn't a good work ethic, it has given me the opportunity to work on passing Grade 12 and learning more about wrting.

I'll be removing Strange Circumstances from public access for a while to edit it so that I can feel comfortable with its future chapters. I won't scrap the story or some of what's happened, but I'll add better reasoning for certain events and adjust how some play out.

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Tragedy IRL · 11:07pm Apr 1st, 2021

My dad passed away to cancer a on March 30th and with the stress of getting good grades for my final high-school year, I'm putting FoE:SC on hiatus. This will buy me time to not only grieve, but hopefully write a great chapter 1 in his honor with the right resources.

Until then, stay well.

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FoE:SC Update 2 · 5:48pm Jan 12th, 2021

While writing is slowly making progress, I want to let you all know that I am busy working on art commissions for the story aswell and should be able to share it with you all in a month or three. Thank you for being patient.

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Update on FoE:SC · 1:34pm Sep 3rd, 2020

I apologize for the long wait, but being new to this makes me want to iron out bugs thoroughly to deliver great content for readers. Exams and procrastination are also factors to be aware of.

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