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A bit of a special announcement! · 3:03pm March 10th

Greetings fellow bronies and pegasisers! To those of you who are still reading New Life New Adventure, thank you all so much for your continued support! This latest chapter I’m working on is a big one, literally since it’s gonna be over 10,000 words, I know right?! Anyway, while I’ve been working on the story and this chapter, I’ve also been thinking of writhing a second story! Pretty cool right? I thought I’d just work on one story at a time but my creative mind is telling me to let my

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It’s a doozy! · 6:41pm January 13th

Oof, these next two chapters are a couple of doozies! My editor and I are working together to come up with questions for The Mane Six and Princesses to ask Saber! We’re also discussing what kind of role Saber will play while in Equestria, so we’re both butting our heads together while coming up with new ideas. They’ll be posted as soon as possible once we’ve got it all sorted out so bare with us! Also a bit of a special announcement! I’ve got another friend of mine working on a caricature for

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