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Coming up · 4:08am Apr 4th, 2021

I will be making a story soon called 'Troubled Paths'. In this story, I will be going to change my OC's name cause his old name does not based on his personality.

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Spoilers for Dead Equestria · 6:35am Jul 2nd, 2020

Amethyst opened her saddlebag. She rummaged through all the important stuffs before closing her bag “Next time, i will be bringing that magician's fireworks, or even Vinyl Scratch's mobile booth” she muttered to herself. She look back at Thunderlane, who had an eyebrow lifted at her “Changing plans. I can't find anything to distract them, but I still have another alternative way to divert their attention”

“Tell me this alternative plan” Thunderlane said, curious of her plan.

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