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I am a pegisister, Steven Universe fan, Wings of fire fan, Warriors cats fan, and Avengers fan. And i'm also a She-ra fan. Now a MY Pride fan too.


Parallel Universes · 1:21am February 29th

Do you guys had experiences in a parallel universe? Comment down below and tell me your story. I am very intrigue with these stories. :moustache:


Eveyone, Help Finish This Song For Fun! · 1:06pm January 31st

Last night I had strangest dream; I sailed away to china, in a a little rowboat to find you and you said you had to get your laundry clean....


One of my dogs gave birth this sunday! · 3:39am January 10th

One of my dogs, Sophie a blue and white rat terrier gave birth last Sunday! :yay: Three black and whites and one brown and white. Sadly two of passed shortly after birth: the brown and white and one of the black and white ones:fluttershysad:. Luckily two of them survived and they're both little girls. The father is also a rat terrier and no, my family didn't planned it out. He was my neighbors dog. 🐶 . The brown and white pup looked just like his father and I think the black and white ones

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