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Sometimes the best writers are those that don't actually enjoy the series. ~ feel free to enjoy my stories, but I do not want followers.


Writing update. · 3:07am January 15th

Hey so I am not dead, thankfully, and I am working on my 2nd story still. I am going to change my writing style, and not update the story until I have completely finished writing and editing it. So that's that... not much else, but I do know how to end the story, and a clearer story line for story 3! I do not know when I will finish story 2, but hopefully soon, cus I really want you all to read it and hate me. Anyway, continue on in your surfing, and maybe when my story gets good,

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Hiatus · 2:34pm Nov 22nd, 2019

I have decided to put my story on hiatus, why? well a few reasons:

One of the main ones is that I have been focusing on my story way too much, I’m in my senior year and need to focus on school more.

Another thing is that I need to change my writing style, I have literally started from scratch for ever chapter. I don’t write outlines or anything.

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Story two coming soon! · 8:17pm Oct 20th, 2019

I can say that I am officially working on the second installment of my 4-5 story series. Stayed tuned for story two to come out soon! I am super excited for what is to come. I won't spoil anything but expect your mind to be blown! (I hope :P)


Writing updates, nuff said. · 2:30am Oct 12th, 2019

I don't really know how blogs work, so ill just have this blog me spouting out what I am currently working on/finishing up right now. so...
1st. I have almost finished editing the chapters so that they are a little more grammatically/written better.
2nd. I have entered into the Pony to Human TF contest! Once that is over, I plan on releasing the story here so people can enjoy, but not till after the contest is finished.

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