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"You’re born to Shimmer!” Thank you for checking out my stories! I’m not the best writer, but I hope you like what I have to give! Enjoy!


New Story Group💕 · 6:28am Aug 8th, 2019

Hi! How are you? I have this new group that I made! It’s for those who like Equestria girls and ponies. You can also post oc stories in here as well. We also are open to helping those who need any proofreading or just need some help on their stories. We are not professional proofreaders! But we do like o help out the best we can. I hope that you’ll like this group and have fun posting all of your stories in here! :3

Make sure to place them in the correct folder👀

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Readers Editors Wanted · 9:29pm May 22nd, 2019

Hello! How are you? Okay so, I have been running around looking for a own one who will read and tell me their perspective on a story that I really want to get out. But I can't without at LEAST ONE PERSON to look at it and give me a good, honest but not harsh, opinion. I have tried the writers helper deal, I haven't gotten anything and it's been a moon and a half. I know that not everyone can be active every week or even two weeks, but I really am just want to get the proof reading over with so

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