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A weight has been lifted from my shoulders


I’m done · 8:00pm July 26th

Alright, first thing’s first: if you haven’t read the last chapter of Romantic Mischief please do so before reading this.

If you already have, here is the reason the story is marked complete: I’m officially done writing on Fimfiction.

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So... Pony Life · 12:01am July 7th

My question is... why? Who thought this was a good idea?

It’s like the producers took everything I didn’t like about the original characters and amplified those characteristics. For instance, I like Rarity as a character overall, but her dramatic personality was always pretty annoying to me. Now, she literally faints at least twice within the first ten minutes. And Rainbow Dash has always been competitive, but not to the point of insane rage like that.

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Happy 4th everybody! · 4:20pm July 4th

Happy 4th of July everyone! Too bad we can’t do anything due to COVID-19...

Oh well!

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I need someone’s opinion · 12:27am July 3rd

What is the worst story you’ve read on here?

I’m not talking about a trollfic, I’m mean, despite the author’s best attempts, the story is a heaping pile of crap

Don’t know why I’m asking, just curious

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Life sucks, and here’s why (mature language) · 2:26am July 2nd

First off, I’m in fucking summer school. I’m literally on the edge of finishing, but my teacher won’t let me because of a single quiz I didn’t pass, even though I’m passing the rest of the class.

Second off, and more important, someone at my dad’s workplace tested positive for COVID-19. That being said, not only my dad, but probably me as well, will have to test for it as well. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to that.

Wanna know the best part? Today’s his fucking birthday

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Apologies · 1:49am June 16th

Hey guys, I’m still here. This blog is concerning why I haven’t been uploading Romantic Mischief. Don’t worry, there is more, but here are a few reasons as to why you haven’t seen anything new.

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Name that lyric! Round 3! · 12:40am May 31st

Peni, I know for a fact that you/re going to get every single one of these, but give it at least twenty four hours before revealing the irony

1. Say anything you want, but talk’ll get you nowhere
The only thing you brought was psychological warfare
There’s no getting out, but now you gotta wonder
Who will dig you out when you’re six feet under

2. Rags to riches or so they say, you gotta
Keep pushing for the fortune and fame

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I'm finally done with school! · 8:05pm May 29th

AS of Thursday, the school year for me has finally come to an end!

I'd have used School's Out by Alice Cooper, but I didn't wanna copy my friend Peni

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It has finally happened! · 1:51am May 22nd

As of today, May 21, I finally have 100 followers! It took a year and a half, and thirteen stories, but I’ve finally reached triple digits.

Shout-outs to some of my best friends who were generous enough to follow me:
GIGA-XISBASS (who I haven’t heard from since I stopped writing PR fiction)
ThePinkedWonder (obviously)
Peni Parker (obviously)
Heartland Picker (even if he doesn’t follow me)

And my hundredth follower: Nightmare Bonnie

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Top 10 chapters of Romantic Mischief done by other authors · 3:06pm May 16th

I’ve talked about my own achievements in my hit story Romantic Mischief, but there are a bunch of great works by others.

Most of these are gonna be from the same authors, since the story kinda already passed its peak in popularity.

My criteria stay the same as before, so let’s go


Just barely scratching the list is Bumblebeau’s We need to talk

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