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Jack the reader

I thought writing would be a piece of cake it's not for me it can be for good writers but I will just play video games and do what I like


Banned from Discord chat · 9:04pm Monday

So I've been permanently banned from the fimfiction Discord chat well I knew that was going to happen soon due to me being a jerk I would just like to be back in there not sure when it's going to happen I hope sooner or later I've learned from my mistakes

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Why I don't write stories · 6:52pm February 4th

Writing stories for me is a real pain in the neck because I have 2 disabilities and I'm not a good speller and I'm not good at describing things and I didn't get much education in Middle School the two disabilities I have are muscular dystrophy and autism plus I don't have a PC. I don't want encouragement for trying to write something so I will play video games and read stories that's all I'm going to do. maybe in the future I'll start writing. Until then I'm going to stick what I'm best at.

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