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A Teen aged Brony with a lot of ideas P.S Rainbow Dash is Best Pony ever, oh and Luna is best Princess YAY!


Bad start to the year · 10:52pm Feb 22nd, 2020

hey everypony, I've had a bad start to the year but I'm hoping to finish The Magic of Love and Family finished sometime this year

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Back from a bad year · 8:44am Jan 18th, 2019

Hey everypony i'm back from a bad 2018 and i intended to be more active this year and i might start thinking up ideas for a sequel to Magic of Love & Family and i will happily take any suggestions, though i will be focusing on finishing Magic of Love and Family first :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::scootangel:

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Back from Summer Holdiays · 8:27am Sep 3rd, 2018

Hey everypony, i'm back at College fully next Monday so i'll be able to carry on on with the Magic of Love & Family, who knows maybe i'll finish it soon and start on the sequel we will just have to see. In the Meantime here's some cute TwiShy for ya

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Spoiler for the Next chapter of magic and Love and Family · 12:47pm Jun 7th, 2018

As Spike raced down the power pony aisle, Scootaloo turned into an aisle she knew a certain Cyan Pegasus mare would be just as giddy over as she was, honestly Rainbow might have been one now but she hadn't stopped seeing Spitfire and the other bolts as her idols. As she walked down the aisle looking at all the different Wonderbolt figures including one of Rainbow Dash herself something caught her eye, it was in the section titled Wonderbolt approved, as she got closer she realized that

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Back from Half-term · 11:28am Jun 6th, 2018

Hey everypony just to let you know i am back from half term and should be able to start updating my story again also here's some random Dashie Cuteness because why not

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Half term once agin · 11:53am May 25th, 2018

Hey everypony as i believe i have mentioned in a previous blog post i don't have internet at home, which means i am unable to update my story or reply to any PM/Comments until after next week. I assure you however that i will and i have full intentions of finishing The magic of love & Family as well as making a sequel. Thanks for the patience everypony hope you have a good week/half term :twilightsmile::scootangel:

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Idea for a Sequel to Magic of Love & Family · 11:58am Apr 25th, 2018

So i had this thought that the sequel should be an adventure, where i will introduce my OC a male Alicorn who is the son of King Sombra and Princess Luna. Also i wan't to make the sequel about a really powerful star that grants immortality to an entire race
What do you all think?

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Back from Easter Holidays · 11:42am Apr 18th, 2018

Hey everypony hope you all had a good Easter now that i'm back i am hoping to pick up the pace a little and maybe even finish the magic of Love & Family before June, but i ain't making no pinkie promise In the mean time thanks for all your support and any ideas for the as for mentioned story or a sequel are welcome Thanks Everypony

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In Regards to Magic of love & Family · 12:54pm Mar 7th, 2018

Hey everypony as i said in my first authors note i will be updating it as often as i can however it is difficult for me as i am only in college three times a day and don't have many breaks but i will keep on with it. so i'll say it again

Thanks for being Patient and Enjoy the story!! :twilightsmile: