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"If my insanity means I'm a child, then I guess I'm immortal!"


Harbinger's Profile · 11:46pm February 7th

I'd thought I'd give you all a representation of MLP: AO's antagonist, Harbinger! Just picture the red as deep, rich orange, and give him some black, ragged clothing too.

He also has a theme too, which will play for him any time he has a significant role.

Small random upload, seeya!

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Time Is Precious · 1:36pm January 3rd

I'm back with another ramble, only this one is more of why I don't upload as...frequent as I would like.


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I'm Festive! · 6:12pm Dec 5th, 2018

Due to the nature of this time of year, I find it fitting to up the cuteness to a festive style, so here we are.

That is all :twilightblush:



How I Work · 9:53am Nov 17th, 2018

As of late, quite a number are adding my story to their 'favorites' and such, my story MLP: Actualization Online, and I couldn't be more pleased with that result, given how I do tend to flop in my punctuation/grammar at times. But I enjoy writing it as much as giving you a fun concept to explore like SAO or No Game No Life.

Now for the meaning behind the title. And trust me, I hate 'attempting' to take things seriously, not my style.

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This Is Halloween~! · 2:41pm Oct 31st, 2018

It's Halloween. It's Halloween
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can't be seen on any other night

Spirits rising into the night
Werewolves howl to silver blight

Horrors rise onto the scene
Undead corpses are among the hunter's gleam
With fires and laughter to silence the screams
While hauntings arise, and spirits are seen

Let us now ascend as the coming kings
On this frightful night of Halloween!

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My Limits. Plus an 'issue' I have as a writer. · 12:08am Oct 29th, 2018

Now, do I expect anyone to read this? No, no I don't. Do I appreciate it when someone does? Yes, yes I do. What I'd like to say first, I'm saving the 'Event' chapter in Actualization Online for Halloween, also gives me some down time too for the interesting chapter. Thought I clear that first.

Now, the 'Issue' part I mentioned, nothing to do with my story or what-not, just....well, I have...issues.

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I 'LOVE' Work! · 11:05am Oct 25th, 2018

You know what I like about work? The people I work with, that is as far as my definition of 'like' goes. So with that said, Actualization Online may take me a little longer to get out due to my, ahem, 10 hours of hell on Saturday, but that's a maybe, really depends if my brain can properly construct a Halloween event, but I do like this holiday, so who knows.😐

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I Is Inspired! (Plus tired from sleep deprivation) · 2:33pm Aug 9th, 2018

If I haven't made my point clear in the past, it is that I have schedules for most of my projects, and that can take a toll to prioritize over due to my job, but heck with it, stress gives my life a challenge, Ho! With most of my sanity gone, I have made something new, mind you, it won't be published until Sunday (Which is when it will be updated), because I have standards, if you can call it that.:ajbemused:

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I'm Broken In Terms Of Management · 10:30am Jul 18th, 2018

What that means, is that I have currently four separate writing pieces of mine, albeit, one of them is a revamp, and only needs another four chapters, but I have a RWBY fic ive been working on for over a year, my first original story for September, and now the recently added, Relic Hunters Revamp.

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Back From The Dead · 12:50am May 27th, 2018

Gods know I have a bad habit of this, but here goes....*Sighs Heavily*

From what ive seen over my time of just co-authoring for my friend on his story, I've never realized how intrested people were in my Displaced story, mind you, I can see some faults in it, and from what I have written down, I may have a way to continue the story and make it sound, given that my rampant mind can conjure the motivation to produce said ideas.

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