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Ch4 arriving soon · 10:07pm February 13th

I'll have chapter 4 up this week guy's I promise ; ) I just gotta jot down the chapters plot

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happy 2022 · 5:20pm January 6th

Hey guy's I hope you had a happy holidays and are excited for the new year:twilightsmile: Anyway's I'm happy to announce that I'm planing some new stories this year!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy: with the new year I decided to go back to writing and bring more awesome stories to the site..........................................

1. An anon a miss oneshot set in Dianne's anon a miss universe

2. A 2 part dark canterlot wedding story

3. Anon a miss story with time travel elements

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Final chapters coming along · 2:38am Aug 1st, 2021

The final chapter of Happy to see you again is coming folks, It's a bit longer than I anticipated now you know why I decided to make the story a 2 parter but hopefully i'll have the story finished and posted either tomorrow or monday:twilightblush:

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Question · 10:01pm Jul 17th, 2021

Should I make a sequel to Am I unforgivable in the future? Let me know what you guys think, would you like to see a sequel to my one off story based off I am Octavia?

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upcoming summer stories · 4:42am May 3rd, 2021

Hey guy's so after this week im gonna take my summer break from work. See I work at a university dining hall and employee's get a three month vacation along with the students. Anyway's during my vacation Im gonna have a lot more time on my hands and I'm happy to announce 4 new stories !!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

1. Story based off an fan animation

2. Happy to see you again: An Anon a Mystery Story

3. A week of regret : A Canterlot Wedding Story

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50 Likes · 3:11am Jan 24th, 2021

Anon A Mystery got 50 likes:pinkiehappy: Thank you so much guy's I know 50 doesn't sound like too much but it's nice to know my first story was well recognized despite some of the mixed review's. But thank you for your support and honest opinions fellasđź’›

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Upcoming short projects · 7:12pm Nov 14th, 2020

Hiya fellas so it's been exactly one year since the release of my first ever story also my first attempt at a fic:twilightblush: "Anon A Mystery". To this day that had to be one of the hardest experiences in my life cause writing a story isn't as easy as it look's even though I've done a lot of writing and typings during my school days im still a bit rusty:twilightblush:. But I guess the saying " practice makes perfect" fits perfectly for my experience in writing this story so I know how to

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