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What's up? Just an average MLP fan trying his hand at writing some half decent content. Also draw and write some non MLP novels. Pretty laid back so feel free to hmu!


New Chapter · 4:14am Apr 23rd, 2017

Chapter 2 is up!! The next one is already in the works and I really want to put it out before I get too busy with finals studying next week. After that though I will be busy until May 4th! So keep an eye out for chapter 3 in the next 2 or so days and I hope you like chapter 2!

As always feel to contact me if you like the story or have any questions!

Thanks for checking me out!


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Update · 12:21pm Apr 19th, 2017

So I know people aren't actually reading these haha but I do have an update! I pulled an all nighter for my paper and ended up getting a fair amount of work done on the next chapter! It's still raw but it just needs some finesse before I'll feel ready to put it up! Expect it Friday night!!


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Next Chapter · 2:00am Apr 19th, 2017

Thank you to all the people who checked the story out in the past day and half! I know the first chapter is a bit ~boring~ but I promise some exciting stuff is on the way in the next few chapters when the girls get to college

As for me right now I currently have a 15 page paper to finish due Thursday at 2 so I'm a bit booked at the moment. The second I submit that (and finish the class associated with it lol) I will get right to work on the next chapter of "The Best Years of Our Lives"!!

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