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I'm done · 12:48pm Dec 1st, 2017

Okay look I'm done. Sorry but I can't really write anymore. It's just not really me. I've tried and tried, and do-over'ed and do-over'ed but I can't. I'm so sorry but this is the end. Readers of Twilight the Vampony: The Vamponies Invade... I'm sorry k? I just can't anymore. I would have rushed it which isn't a very good solution. If... if anybody out there would like to finish this then go ahead. You'll have my permission. I have planned the whole story out I just can't write it down. If you

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Re-doing Twilight the Vampony · 11:59am Jul 29th, 2017


As the title says I'm currently in a re-doing process of Twilight the Vampony. Means new story so I'm sorry if you really looked forward to see something from the first season. This time it's going to be different. I want to write my part of the story so the first season? Won't happen. Now the story starts when Twilight have defeated NM and gained her new friends. You'll need to wait to see the rest.

Have a nice day.

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Bad and... well bad news... · 7:29pm Jun 18th, 2017

So... you have all probably seen that it has been nearly a month since last chapter of Twilight the Vampony. There is a reason. I've decided to put it on... hiatus. It's awful and I feel awful about it but I need time to think about where this story is heading because I'm not quite sure yet. I'm sorry that I say this but i figured that it was better than having it on incomplete since I've only written one thousand words

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Sequel or not? · 6:21am Apr 25th, 2017

Hi Twilight's little spell problem readers!
I know that I already asked this question but I need to know if you want to have a totally diffrent sequel or not. I don't want to write a story nobody reads so please tell me if you want one or not.

Have a nice day

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