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Progress and the dominance of cloppers · 10:40pm Jul 4th, 2013

Yeah, two small points just in to keep you breathing:

The next installment of X-Com: Equestria is coming along nicely, within the next week or so it should be in a releasable state.

Seconldy, 6 out of 10 fucking stories being featured right now are clop. Yup.

I'm not a stranger to this stuff, so I mainly read it for the lulz and/or in riffed MPPT3K-form.

But dayumn this must a slow, boring time between seasons for it to become that dominant.


Back from the dead · 8:32pm Jun 20th, 2013

Well, it appears I have returned and resumed writing terrible fanfiction. I hope X-Com: Equestria can gather a wider audience while I continue to update it as I originially planned, but I will keep writing it, even if only for an audience of 10.

It was pretty hard work getting closer to my degree, but I finally managed to get some down time and felt like writing again. And it is FUN.

See you on the other side!