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Hi everyone


King Sombra is back- Chapter 2 coming soon! · 8:38am Aug 19th, 2016

Chapter 2 will be longer than Chapter 1

I will probably post it early in the morning or late in the afternoon:yay:

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A story coming soon! · 8:37pm Aug 18th, 2016

Hi everyone! I am going to make a story and it will be called King Sombra is back. :yay:

I hope you all can read it when, I am finish typing a chapter. :twilightblush:

This story will have a lot of chapters and some violence. :rainbowderp:

There will be Soarindash in the story since, I ship it so, much!:pinkiehappy:

Also, a lot of sad scenes:fluttercry:

Hope you all will like it:trollestia:

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