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Heat: It's Done! · 8:38pm May 30th, 2019

That was interesting. This is the very first multi-chapter story that I managed to finish properly. But if you're wondering what happened and why wasn't I posting anything, the answer is pretty simple — Life happened. Writer's block happened.

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I'm not dead... I think. Also, new years n stuff. · 7:51pm Feb 3rd, 2019

Hey guys!
I had been trying to write a blog for quite some time now, and, to be fair, I wasn't entirely sure what to write in it. Obviously, the "Happy new years to all me followers and reader" would have been mandatory, but I really hadn't had much information to share back then...

I'm not entirely sure that's he case now, but I feel like I needed to make some form of update to Heat and all.

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New Chapter of Heat and Things for the Future · 8:10pm Sep 27th, 2018

It's been al— good 6 months since I published Chapter 2 of Heat, and, since I got the urge, the itch, or however would you like to call it, I needed to write Celestia's Morning; something I wanted to get out of my system for quite some time -- something that would focus less on the character and relationship building, but more on the sex itself.

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Heat: A little explanation · 11:33pm Mar 19th, 2018

Hey guys.
When I had published the first chapter of Heat, I talked to someone in the comment section about this story having planned 4 chapters (and maybe an epilogue. I'm still unsure about that part.) And at the time of writing, I already had 3 chapters finished, and 4th was more than half done. At that time that meant I had written about 20k words thus far.

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A New Story · 11:29pm Dec 11th, 2017

Wait, wait, wait, wait, 9 isn't dead?

No, unfortunately, I'm still alive and kicking. Almost a year ago I wrote that I hope I wouldn't need 6 months for another story. I never said it might be more! Ha! Man I'm good!

I'm so lonely.

Anyways, the story is up, and hopefully it contains enough princess-y action to tie you over 'till the next one, and you can find it here.

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Happy new years, guys! · 7:22pm Jan 1st, 2017

Here, have some of this:


I'll make sure to provide some quality princest this year as well :D


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No story for Hearth's Warming? · 11:45pm Dec 25th, 2016

Hey, guys!

Remember when I said I'm working on another story? A story that was supposed to be the sequel to Celestia's Secret Admirer? Well, yeah, I'm working on it, but as a Christmas present to you all, I wanted to write some short princest-y fluff. And I did.

The story is already written and submitted.

Or rather, was submitted 72 hours ago. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't want to miss the Christmas timeline.

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Story: Celestia's Secret Admirer · 8:55pm Nov 21st, 2016

As promised in my previous blog, there was going to be a sequel. And after 6 months of ever-changing titles, places, and the general storyline (because OCD), I finally managed to get to the final word, and that is Celestia's Secret Admirer

Well, not as final as I'd like, since another one of these is in progress... I just hope it won't be up in 6 months.

Until then...


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Hey, where did you go? · 10:44pm Oct 11th, 2016

9 was busy these weeks. Very very busy. And he doesn't like to talk in 3rd person.


Anyways, first things first; I've been busy, and with time, this may or may not get worse, since I'll have increasing amount of real-life obligations. Yes, I know. I'm well aware that it's been about 5 months since my first story on here, and I've been just sparsely here. But I can assure you I had been working on something...

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