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Summer Breezy

Just a girl who like ponies not much else to say...Oh that Twilight is best pony and Sunset is best human, also Skystar is a cutie and Captain Celaeno is best pirate birb. Bingo Bongo see you later :3


Happy holidays · 1:31am Dec 25th, 2016

Hey, I just want to say hope you guys are having a great day and Christmas eve. If you aren't then I'm here for you, I hope you have a great, Hanukkah as well if you celebrate it or kwanza. Blessings for all of you guys :heart: bye and have a great night. :pinkiehappy:

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Story Ideas · 2:14am Nov 4th, 2016

Hi there it's me pony I'm thinking about writing a story yup it will be my first one. What should I write any ideas please tell me, I'm clueless xD :rainbowlaugh:

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9/11 · 3:51am Sep 12th, 2016

Yes 15 years later the after the towers came down, yes it has been that long since the heart breaking day of 9/11 i hear so much i may have not been born during the happens or have lost someone but i show the respect to dose who have bless those who lost so much because of these terror acts bless them dose acts of some heartless people may have broke so many hearts but today we will keep standing strong. As one of my favorite quotes says "The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our

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