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The Multiverse is my playground, but most of my content will be set in Equestria 762, Equestria 556, or Equestria 223.


Of Edits and Updates · 11:45pm Jan 13th, 2018

For the few of you following Battle Forged, I will be publishing Chapter Two later today, as well as an edited draft of Chapter One.

Special thanks to Allykitty and David Bryant for their input and advice. Y'all's help was helpful beyond belief.

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Concerning the New Site Update · 7:08am Dec 20th, 2017

Yeesh. The new tag system is... interesting... It doesn't affect me too much, I only have two stories up acter all, but I pity the high-output authors like MythrilMoth and Jay David... If y'all ever read this, you have my sympathies...

Also, the new bookshelf viewing system is insanely cluttered, or at least it is from my little old iPod Touch 5th gen...

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Well, $#!+... · 8:01am Dec 8th, 2017

That moment when you realize that your editor is catching fewer mistakes than you do while transcribing...

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HEAR YE HEAR YE · 2:13pm Oct 2nd, 2017

Given the abysmal reception that Battle Forged has recieved, I am now looking for a beta reader. I've spent months working on chapter two, and I have no idea why the story is so unpopular thus far. Therefore, I want to enlist someone to give their opinion before publishing. My only request is that you have at least two stories of reasonable quality out at this time. Thank you and have a nice day. Peace.

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Concerning "Battle Forged" · 3:23am Sep 1st, 2017

I'm so sorry about the delay on Battle Forged, but life got in the way. And I apologize for a third time for any potential military inaccuracies, as well as the rather rough quality. Future chapters should be of higher quality, I hope, and further develop the characters. I understand that Chrys is hard to relate to now, but I hope to change that...

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