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I. Am. Ecstatic. · 2:14pm Nov 17th, 2012

Hello all you faithful followers! Whether you're recent additions or long-time watchers, I sincerely thank you.

Now, on to business. Two amazing things happened today on FiMFiction.net:

1. I've gone up over 200 watchers! That is an absolutely staggering number, and like I said before, I'm thankful for each and every one of you. Here's hoping that number can continue to grow in the future and that I can continue to provide you with halfway decent stories!

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This Made My Day · 3:01am Sep 21st, 2012

In the FiMFiction.net group Clopfics, there is a folder that contains some of the best clop stories available on the site. This folder, entitled "Cream of the Clop," was recently updated by the group's founder and chief admin (respectively), ScyStorm and I'mJustAnotherBrony, after they read through a backlog of suggested fics and decided on which ones to add to the folder.

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A Note to All of You · 9:09pm Sep 6th, 2012

All right, listen up, all 140+ of you that are following me (good grief, that's staggering)!

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The Century Mark · 5:44am Aug 3rd, 2012

Good gracious, it appears that I've reached 100 followers!

...The heck do I do now?

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