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SUDDENLY, a wild :twilightsmile: appears.
what do?

Boo:derpytongue2: man why do you have to be so good at drawing pony versions of your friends and your self i mean they look like you guys

bah, they wont ban firsters, if no one is first than no one can be second and if no one is second than no one can be third and if no one can be third than no one will be able to comment :raritycry:
and besides does it really matter what ppl say, isnt like banning ppl from saying that they gotta pee when really they might need to do number twos? :trixieshiftright:

Damn, everyone beats me to it...

Be careful everyone, they're banning firsters i hear:unsuresweetie:

my dear, you are not ashamed, you know you love it.
also... im first :rainbowwild:

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