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Lemme Explain. · 4:02am Jun 26th, 2016

Alright. Not that anyone cares but, I feel the need to explain why my name is dumb what it is.

It was because of a dare. I found this site about, idk, a few months ago now, and then I finally decided to make an account. My original name was going to be short and simple, but my cousin had diffferent plans. He said if he could fit 22 grapes in his mouth, he got to make my account for me.
Long story short, he did, and this is why I am Doughnot_followmoi.

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Hello, its not me. · 1:48am Feb 27th, 2016

Well, since you've unfortunately stubbled upon my page...I guess I'll introduce myself.

My name is Bob...heh, not really, (seeing that I'm a girl and all) but its a cool name.
I don't want followers, thats not what I'm here for, but hey, if you do it, who am I to stop you?
I enjoy food, sports, food, music, food, friends, being random, and food.

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