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Jade Nekotenshi

Just a slightly-damaged angel, more jaded than perhaps she should be, learning to laugh and cry again.


2016, for helvede! · 1:56am Dec 28th, 2016

Our hearts have joined the Thousand, for a friend has stopped running today.

I've needed this phrase a mite too often, belike.

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In which I ramble about random bits of headcanon that make no sense · 6:20pm Oct 30th, 2016

A somewhat-jumbled collection of weirdball ideas that make no cosmic sense, I have here. Various things that I think, or assume, or imagine about Equestria, and why.

The Equinox Conclave

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Spellbooks in Equestria · 10:10pm Oct 25th, 2016

So in D&D, there are a ton of spells named after a famous mage that discovered or devised them. Does it work like that in Equestria, too? So many possibilities!

Luna's Greater Dreamweaving
Shining Armor's Superior Shielding
Rarity's Mnemonic Enhancer? (Sorry, had to. Sometimes the derpy puns write themselves. But no, seriously, a spell to more easily keep dress patterns, complex stitches, orders and bills and such organized mentally? She'd totally have a use for that.)

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In which I look all weird and sentimental, like · 9:39pm Oct 24th, 2016

So, here I am stuck at home with a bad case of gunga-munga, and I decided to rewatch a bunch of my old favorites. Call me a random cake-munch, but I love Magical Mystery Cure. I know, I know, corny musical number, yah, but it's still glowing awesomeness. Then again, I'm a huge fan of alicorn Twilight. (But Gosling is still best pony :P)

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