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"Oh, look. This world has readers. Haven’t seen that for awhile. Well then. Guess I should name myself before reality makes me forget about you guys, hmm? I’m Andrew. Andrew Black. Pretty much a normal guy, I play games, watch TV, read books. And I was unlucky enough to stumble into a nice little building in the woods where some very smart people forgot to lock the door to their secret hidey hole. You know, mad scientist type people. The ones who are truly brilliant people that forget the smallest things like locks on doors. Those people."

Welcome to the story of Andrew Black. A young man who made a very stupid decision. He found a way to jump between 'dimentions' and was stupid enough not to read the whole manual. Join Andrew as he travels into the world of Equestria, finds a place to stay, makes friends, and takes a break from trying to get home.

But what happens when he finds out that he can't ever leave?

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