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VERY SORRY!!! · 9:17pm Feb 28th, 2016

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! :twilightsheepish:

I've been a little sick lately and classes have been a bit of a pain. :facehoof:

But I'm still alive and on the mend. :pinkiehappy:

All that's left to say now is: SOON... :pinkiecrazy:

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Welp... · 12:26am Jan 19th, 2016

College classes start tomorrow, so any chapters of Her Majesty's Royal Guard and Mafia Octavia will be a bit longer in coming.

Also, to fans of Mafia Octavia: I'll be putting that story on hiatus so I can focus more on Her Majesty's Royal Guard. Sorry!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! · 4:00am Jan 2nd, 2016

If the title wasn't enough, here it is again: Happy New Year to my current followers, and everyone else who has yet to join my army of minions! :moustache:

As for the new story: passing moderation takes a while, here's hoping that the new chapter of Mafia Octavia will tide you over until it gets out! :twilightblush:

And with that, I must return to my schemes!

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Greetings Minions! · 6:55am Dec 25th, 2015

You may call me The Villain in Glasses, or just "Villain" If you're feeling lazy. But you're not here to hear me ramble on about platitudes, you're here for the news!

So I'm gonna drop a little knowledge on ya': At midnight I'll be releasing the first chapter of my first fanfic, Mafia Octavia to the masses!

And on New Year's Eve I will be releasing a brand new story hot off the presses!

That's all for now, you are dismissed!

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