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The Clocktower Society is not what it seems. · 12:11pm Jul 26th, 2019

This post has been a year in coming. I make it now because it’s utterly clear it will never be resolved and now all I can do is warn others.

I’m sorry to all the people I brought in or convinced to stay. If you haven’t joined CTS, I warn you now, it is not what it seems.

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SPark did an awesome thing and you should go read it. · 12:06am Apr 13th, 2018

I mean, on the off chance someone follows me and not someone who actually, like, makes awesome stuff.

SPark freakin' wrote a CTS fic called The Masquerade and it's wonderful.

[Adult story embed hidden]

I can't technically link directly to it from this post since it's, y'know, very very NSFWkudz has helpfully pointed out that actual embeds are allowed! yay!

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Go read cute. · 3:56am Oct 21st, 2017

I'll bet most of the handful of followers I have for absolutely no reason are already aware of this, but Equestria's cutest changeling has released an appropriately cute story with appropriately cute coverart that everyone should read.

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