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Editor's & Writer's, Please Help A Friend · 6:58pm Jan 13th, 2023

To those who are reading this, this is to help Displacedwriter Blog Post by spreading the awareness to more of you. This link will take you to their Blog Post in question. Or you can go to him by searching their Blog Post by using their name, its the recent one called "I need an editor/writer..".

Please and thank you.

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Youtuber: Rainbow Whooves Production · 12:06am Dec 14th, 2021

He is a fellow Brony and is a Hoovian who has done Storyline video's, do mlp reviewed with others, and done some vid's about Kamen Rider. I've watched most of his video's and in my opinion he's done good works and he's willing to listen to feedbacks from viewers/watchers comments. Please, watch his video's if you can, the link to his YouTube Channel is here(Rainbow Whooves Production).


Sad Story News Update #1 · 3:22pm Aug 10th, 2018

List of stories that are now unpublished:

Fallout Equestria: Road In Life & Truth
Clad that Forged Creation and Heart
Pokemon Zenmon: Future of Displace
My Life in Equestria (Yu-gi-oh Ver.)

I have felt that theses needed Rewrite, probably fixing, or I can no longer feel up to continuing. I am sorry readers and hope you will forgive me for this sudden action.

Update List:
Fallout Equestria: Road In Life & Truth
Clad that Forged Creation and Heart

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Displace Cafe Hotel World is Open · 11:40pm Apr 1st, 2018

The service for the Cafe isn't ready yet until repairs are complete, but the world is available to access.

Here is a way in, either these two tokens can help you get there:

Lunula X Luna Token
Item: Heavy Duty Ring
Description: A single, ring that's made out of aragami metal with a Far East branch fenrir insignia on top. If my memory is correct about the metal it’s made of; Quadriga, hard to hurt if you don’t have strong force weapons.

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Release group of "God Eater: Rift Branch Fan Group" · 9:51am Feb 16th, 2018

As the title said, God Eater: Rift Branch Fan Group is release! Here's the Link if it peaks your interest.

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Non Story News #1 - Dual · 3:37am May 22nd, 2017

Credit from Kye Belmont and Sornos
This is a show for those that just want random non story. This will also be posted on Sornos Blog.

A stranger wearing a grey hoodie jacket, navy blue pants and black strap shoes, stand at one end. At the other end is a black dragon with red armor with black flames on the sides spikes on his chest and huge red wings.

????? Vs Firestorm
LP: 8000 | LP: 8000

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Note · 2:13pm Dec 27th, 2015

I'm sorry if I haven't written any story's. I've been trying to pick my second writer, to write my story's, but i'm not getting any luck. If you have anyone that want to be my writer, please don't hesitate to write a PM to me, and your G Doc link; if you want to use it . I use Google Doc.


Megaman Battle Network (all #)
Kingdom Hearts (all series')
Yu-gi-oh (all series')
Pokemon (all series')
Final Fantasy (all #)

OC Story
Real Life

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