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render unto twilight · 4:17am Nov 13th, 2021

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this story, the original author deleted all his stories and account on this site, whatever the reason I don't know WHY he did it but I LOVED that story, it was about Filly Twilight becoming an Alicorn the day she hatched Spikes egg.

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Chainsman Dazzlings · 2:03pm Nov 27th, 2018

I don't recall how long ago someone sent me a 4 page copy of a start up of a MLP-Equestria Girls fanfic that started off with the Dazzlings looking for a new place to crash, if you know anyone who was talking about this story idea then please let me know who is it, now if you are that person can you please tell me if you had gotten any further with it, I would LOVE to see what you have done since you sent me this copy back then.

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My Profile · 9:46pm Jan 3rd, 2018

To anyone who's posted a reply on my profile for some strange reason everything seems to have been deleted from there, if you posted there before would you please post once more.

Never mind everyone, it's been fixed now.

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