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yo what up bro!

Hehe I’m glad you’re alive and well. Sometimes it good to see the comments left behind from others. I see you wish to finish it before time. If you ever need help in something let me know.

Well seeing as one of my faults is horrible drive to do things. Each comment like this reminds me folks care and it makes me work on another chunk. Currently I have most of the next chapter roughed out. So I guess this weekend I will work for get it to my editor and at that point it may be a few days to about two weeks. Always know I check this site each day so it looks like I'm dead but I'm always around.

(lurker skill)

Hey so when are you going to update ‘gunpowder and magic’ I really enjoy the story my friend.

a bit but not enough to be payed if that what your asking???.

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