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Worlds best majin!.....kinda....okay SECOND best my sis Zekormei is number 1.


tryn to figure out how to post pics from my cpu · 9:48pm Apr 12th, 2017

i was going to make a blog showing off some of my yu-gi-oh playmats that i took pics
of but i cant seem to be able to post them. can someone plz help?

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my favorite deck lunalights! · 5:57am Apr 8th, 2017


3x. lunalight blue cat
once per turn when she's special summoned she can double the attack of 1 lunalight monster
you control. when shes destroyed she can special summons 1 of any lunalight from your deck.
3x. lunalight black sheep
u can discard her to search for a polymerization from your deck or add 1 lunalight from the grave to your hand.
when she's used a a fusion material(pretty much all of the time) you can add 1 lunalight from your grave or

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my fairy tail magician girls deck · 4:51am Apr 7th, 2017

Monsters :
3x. berry magician girl
she gets u any magician girl to your hand when she's normal summoned.
3x. chocolate magician girl
with her effect u can send 1 spellcaster from your hand to the grave to draw 1 card.
3x. kiwi magician girl
on the field she makes your spellcasters indestructible by card effects and they cant be targeted.
in your hand you can discard her durring either players turn to make your magician girls gain 300 atk and def

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new plans for for my page and blogs · 8:46am Apr 6th, 2017

im planning to do future blogs that most likely be yugioh based. i most likely be doing deck lists and my likes
and diss likes of certain decks and thoughts on new banlists.

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