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I'm Done trying to Write... · 7:36pm Oct 28th, 2016

I'm done with trying to attempt something that I can't control. Writing stories is so hard, I can't even find ways to make them work. I'm a perfectionist, and I'll get picky with how the writing comes out. While I appreciate the support from what little I gave, I just can't keep going... I'm sorry guys, for giving up on this and for getting your hopes up.

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Inactive in Writing... · 6:33pm Jul 21st, 2016

So much apologies for making you all wait for a story to come out, or a chapter to my first story. My motivational skills start popping out of nowhere and I end up trying to write. I get SOOO impatient with my own work, I lose interest quickly. I'm really sorry about the wait, guys. I don't know what I'm going to do, to be honest. Continue writing, or stay as a reader... at this point, I don't know... Nonetheless, I'll try to attempt in writing bits at a time to keep myself engaged in writing,

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Changing My Mind! · 2:59am Jul 11th, 2015

I WAS considering on not writing anymore, due to my low experience in writing, and the stress of trying to make my idea in the writings work out. But thanks to positive feedbacks, and great tips, I've decided to get back up and try again!

I'll be starting on a new one, and I will hope to at least make it better than my first! Though, when? I will never tell.... :rainbowkiss:

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Pony Expansion Roleplay in the PMs anyone?(+18 only) · 1:17am Jul 5th, 2015

Before you say, "it's against the rules to RP". To a certain degree, it is. But only if they are in places like public comments, story comment section, etc. It's not against the rules to roleplay in your Private Messages(PM).

So, if you're interested in doing some pony expansion RPs in the PMs, just send me a PM and we'll discuss things there.(WARNING: it will be a Not-Safe-For-Work(NSFW) RP! NO EXCEPTIONS!)

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